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Broadleaf strives to create projects which fit gracefully and inevitably into their sites by providing valuable input and leadership in all phases of project development. We balance client visions, program requirements, site considerations and budgets by cultivating strong collaborations with our clients and team members.  Sustainable, intentional designs that represent clear ideas are our trademark. We have found the following principles to be instructive in guiding us through the design process:

1. Employ Simple Geometries -

            • Relate to architecture

            • Make strong, clear moves


2. Build Good Bones -

            • The structure of the garden is key

            • Order is pleasing to the eye

3. Pay Attention to Detail -

            • Strive for richness

            • Create dynamic and resilient environments


4. Impart Balance and Scale -

            • Proper proportions are essential

            • Design for humans


5. Create Comfortable Spaces -

            • For everyday life and special occasions

            • Shape outdoor rooms


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