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Design Process


Site Visit/

Define Program

During this phase we work collectively with the client to identify the program and elements of the project. We define project goals and the anticipated budget. We gather information from the site and the client to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing conditions and to create a base plan. Finally, we begin the visioning process to translate the client’s ideas into a functional list of priorities and to establish the quality and character we are striving for.

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Schematic Design/

Master Plan

This is a conceptual design giving form to the overall site elements and program. By considering the conditions and patterns of the site – the topography, hydrology, soils, vegetation, views, path of the sun – we are able to create the foundation upon which each layer of design is built and from which a sense of place is created. The Master Plan is a critical tool in the design process which we use as a building block for refining and detailing the design.

Megan Moffroid - Reidinger northgardens

Design Development

We develop the schematic design to the next level of refinement by enlarging the drawings to allow more detail into all or parts of the plan. Detailed studies of the Master Plan and its key design elements are provided and may include grading plan, materials selection, final dimensional drawings and planting plans.

Construction Oversight

Broadleaf thrives during the construction process. We provide construction documents necessary for efficient pricing of the project and can aid in soliciting cost estimates from perspective contractors. Maintaining our involvement during this phase is highly recommended, as we are best able to represents our clients’ interests. Through the constant exchange of information and ideas with both contractors and clients, we use this phase to address potential design changes, material substitutions, budget alterations and to ensure that the work is consistent with the design intent and of the highest quality.

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